High Turnover Rates Among Graduate Nurses Essay

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The thought of entering the medical profession is a prospect greatly cherished by new graduate nurses (NGNs) soon after completion of their undergraduate programs. These candidates usually show great excitement in anticipation of the challenges and opportunities that await them in the medical field. However, for some of these graduate nurses, their stint in the profession usually lasts a little less than one year, as they find their new roles overwhelming owing to several factors. This essay discusses the reasons behind the high turnover rates among graduate nurses like lack of leadership, understaffing, unsatisfactory reward schemes and the management style, which drives them to quit their jobs within the first year.
Lack of Mentorship/Leadership
While it is true that majority of (NGNs) are usually enthusiastic about joining the nursing profession, this enthusiasm is usually overshadowed by the apparent lack of confidence by these nurses. According to a research published by the American Nurses Association official trade journal, up to 90% of nurse executives working in health establishments believe fresh nursing graduates lack the requisite practical skills to perform their duties effectively (Twibell et al., 2012). These findings are confirmed by 57% of the graduate nurses, who agree with the observation from the nursing executives. According to these graduate nurses, they lack confidence in their skills especially during their first year in practice. For this reason,…

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