History 1st Paper

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First Short Paper:
Hurtado says in his book intimate Frontiers that “each newcomer transformed California the exotic into California the familiar, a long established pattern that yet continues” (133). I somewhat agree with Hurtado’s statement that everyone who migrated to California for whatever reason tried to convert California into a place that looks familiar, each and every person left their mark on California, and this is why California today is a blend of different cultures and different races. Even today we see a lot of immigrants try to fit in, in order to fit in they try to change things, make their temples, churches, mosques, they make their own community centers, they do this so that they don’t feel too alienated, they try to
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such differences created problems, Spanish people wanted to change Indian concepts and the Indians retaliated. Some people argue that Spaniard had good intentions and wanted to make them come out of this sinful way of living but Indians wanted to be left alone. Hurtado says that “Caught in this conflict, missionaries demanded that Christian Indians adopt formal Spanish attitudes about sex and punished them when they did not”. (11). In The Shirley Letters the writer gives a picture of California in the era when people were moving to California for mining, she describes the chaos that occurred during that time, Indians were killing the immigrants who came for mining and the miners were killing Indians. The writer stated the problems that came with the gold rush; she describes many fearful situations in the book including many murders and suicides. She says “There is quite a band of people herding a few miles below us; as soon after my arrival it was confidently affirmed and believed by many that they were about to make murderous attack upon the miners”. (56). She also says on the same page that the Indians believed “that the Americans were like the grass in the valleys, and the Indians fewer than the flowers of the Sierra Nevada”. (56). this makes me think that the Indians were scared of the Americans because they were greater in number and probably also because they were afraid that like the Spaniards the Americans are also going to change the

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