Hiv / Aids : A Level Of High Depression And High Smoking Rates

1452 Words Jul 27th, 2015 6 Pages
“People affected and living with HIV/AIDS have a level of high depression and high smoking rates. Smokers that have HIV/AIDS are more susceptible to opportunistic infections, smoking related illnesses, and mortality. African Americans cover nearly half of newly diagnosed HIV case. Testing was done on the relationship among smoking, depression, and gender in African American patients at an urban community HIV/AIDS center in the southeastern part of the United States. Approximately, thirty-three percent met the criteria for having depressive disorders and thirty-seven percent had were current smokers. African American males were more likely than African American females to be current smokers and the patients that suffer from depression were more likely to smoke than the non-depressed patients. The females had higher rates of suffering with depression compared to males. Both depression and male gender independently was predicted to being current smokers. Depression and smoking are likely to co-occur in people affected and living with HIV/AIDS. African Americans affected and living with HIV/AIDS are the one group that is particularly vulnerable to smoking-related health problems. In the general population, African Americans and Caucasians have comparable smoking rates of twenty-one percent and twenty-two percent, even though African American females are less likely to engage in current smoking situations, which is eighteen percent than African American males, which is…

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