Hm370 Hospitality Management Paper

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Hospitality Management Paper: Palms Place Resort


Hospitality Management Paper Understanding hospitality is an essential part of entering the industry. There are many moving parts that need to come together to create a successful enterprise. It is a industry largely dependent on image and the desire to cater to their guest every need. Regardless of what scale or specialty the organization is, mastery of hospitality management is essential to its success. To understand how to master the guest experiences, one must first define hospitality management, then experience firsthand their enterprise from the experience of the guest. Below is an example of a recent stay my wife and I had at the Palms Place resort and how it
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Beverage service was very prominent as there were several bars were on premise, each containing a varying level of depth and sophistication with their product offerings.

Palms Place Resort: Major Facilities

The rooms are spacious and clean. This hotel is located in the off the strip, but that meant that they could put a lot of quality into the design of all of the major facilities. The Palms Place Resort is a new facility adjacent to the prominent Palms hotel and casino. The Palms Place design was less the glitch and glitter of traditional Las Vegas and showcased a sophisticated spa environment. The resort made use dark woods and marble accents, with high ceilings and variety of large furniture. The common areas gave the impression as a place that one might wish to sit with friends over a cocktail or rest after a day of shopping or seeing shows The Palms Place resort featured several lounge areas, pools and balconies. The overall atmosphere is designed to make one feel more at ease or that they are being treated to an upscale experience.

Palms Place Resort: Recreation Facilities

Being a resort there were several recreation facilities that were made available to us. The first was the casino, which featured live table games and video gambling. The casino also integrated aspects of the food and beverage department with casino bars and quick service restaurants to keep us near the gaming. The Palms Place also had a spa on

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