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1.12 What is the difference between a sample and a population?
In most studies, it is difficult to obtain information from the entire population. We rely on samples to make estimates or inferences related to the population. Population means the population of the whole area. Sample means a sample of people taken out of the population to be tested or studied.

1.13 What is the difference between a statistic and parameter?

The difference between parameter and a statistic is that a parameter is a number obtained by calculation from a population while statistic is a number calculated from a sample. A statistic is usually used to estimate a parameter.

1.22 A Gallup poll indicated that 74% of Americans who had yet to retire look
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a categorical variable Country b. a numerical variable. MPG c. Is the numerical variable discrete or continuous (why?)? Numerical

1.27 A sample of 62 undergraduate students answered the following survey: 1. What is your gender? Female ______ Male ______ 2. What is your age (as of last birthday)? ______ 3. What is your current registered class designation? Freshman _____ Sophomore _____ Junior _____ Senior _____ 4. What is your major area of study? Accounting ______ Computer Information Systems ______ Economics/Finance ______ International Business ______ Management ______ Retailing/Marketing ______ Other ______ Undecided ______ 5. At the present time, do you plan to attend graduate school? Yes ______ No ______ Not sure ______ 6. What is your current cumulative grade point average? ______ 7. What is your current employment status? Full time ______ Part time ______ Unemployed ______ 8. What would you expect your starting annual salary (in $000) to be if you were to seek full-time employment immediately after obtaining your bachelor’s degree? ______ 9. For how many social networking sites are you registered? ______ 10. How satisfied are you with the food and dining

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