Homosexuality Is A Romantic Attraction Between Members Of The Same Sex

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Homosexuality Research Paper
Known for many decades as the sexual inversion, homosexuality is a romantic attraction between members of the same sex. Despite that it was considered a taboo decades ago, homosexuality had acquired great power in society in recent years. Homosexual individuals are also known as lesbian (women who are attracted by other women) and gay (men who are attracted by other men) in a like manner, the term mentioned above gay, can also be use to refer to both homosexual males and females. For obvious reason like, humiliation, physical attacks, and low self-esteem, many of this individual hides their sexual preferences in public. Phychology Herek said,” one in five sexual minority adults were victims of a person or property crime due to their sexual orientation, and approximately 50% have been verbally insulted” The national Gay and Lesbian Task Force, (1991) it is sad but the reality is that, no everybody understand them and some times ignorance leads people to act before thinking. The other issue homosexual individual need to face is that, some religious accept homosexuality, but others religious considered homosexuality immoral. Although, there is a lot of controversy about this topic, the truth is that Scientific are still trying to find what determine homosexuality. I believe that, the environment as well as genetic both play important roles in human’s sexual desires.
First of all, environment forms part in an individual behavior due to the…

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