Essay on How Can Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers Be Prevented?

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How Can Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers be Prevented?
Jamie R. Stumph
University of South Alabama

How Can Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers be Prevented? Hospital acquired pressure ulcers are a concern all across the nation. A pressure ulcer is considered an injury to the skin as well as some of the underlying tissue. Pressure ulcers can be problems for patients not only because of the price, but because of the possible infection and pain that they cause. The cost from pressure ulcers that are acquired through the hospital can get quite expensive. So the question is, how can a hospital acquired pressure ulcer, I.E. a HAPU, be prevented?
Phenomenon of Interest Pressure ulcers are a problem with any hospital. It’s important for a patient to understand the signs and symptoms of a pressure ulcer because a pressure ulcer can be uncomfortable and can cause infections. It can also lead to longer hospital stays. The reason pressure ulcers are a problem for healthcare facilities is because it can be quite costly. According to the CDC, the occurrence of pressure ulcers in the hospital costs the healthcare system billions and claims thousands of lives each year (CDC, 2011). A healthcare facility cannot charge a person for care of a hospital acquired pressure ulcer, thus the healthcare facility is responsible for the extended costs of stay and treatment. HAPUs are considered a never event for healthcare facilities.
Depending on the healthcare facility, incidence of…

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