Essay How Change Is Managed And The Effect It Has On People

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Section 1: Introduction. The theme of my paper is to analyze key points and statements of how change is managed and the effect it has on people. The sources of this paper will come from Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook and other web based sources. Section 2: Content. The video I was assigned to view was titled "Did you know". The video entailed information regarding the changes in the field of communication, technology, education and the use of the internet and its resources in the last two generations (1960-2000). These changes have had a significant effect on all aspects of life, business, communication and the cultural makeup of some societies. The need for change comes from many sources. The onset can have a profound effect on how businesses are run, whether they survive to the following year or the following week. The way we manage change in our lives makes the difference. Not all change is intentional; they are sometimes the result of smaller situations which snowball in larger circumstances and events. According to the video, there are jobs, products and careers that were invented less than a decade ago that have transformed the way we do business, communicate we one another, on a global basis and population growth that will exceed our earth 's capacity in the next fifty years. What does mean for change managers and the world in general? This means that change happens so rapidly that those in charge of managing it can barely keep up but have no choice but to do…

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