How Coronary Artery Disease ( Cad ) Is So The Patient And Family Will Have A Better Understanding Of

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This presentation will summarize what Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is, so the patient and family will have a better understanding of the disease. Coronary Artery Disease is thought to “begin in early childhood and is evident in the teenage years” ( The plaque keeps building up each year and stays with a person for life. As a person ages the risks of coronary artery disease becomes higher with the type of lifestyle a person chooses. “The leading causes of CAD are “high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes overweight. (”. Coronary Artery Disease begins with the buildup of plaque which causes the blood vessels to harden. Once the buildup begins and the plaque starts to harden, the flow of blood decreases, this doesn’t allow the heart muscle to receive the proper amount of blood needed for normal heart function. The objective is to inform the patient and family members about the cause and possible outcome of this disease.
Patient Information: The patient is a 47 year- old male diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. The patient has a wife and three children at home. The patient states his occupations is in construction which keeps him away from home for weeks at a time. Patient indicated that he is a smoker and drinks alcohol every day. The patient stated that he smokes 1 and 1/2 pack of cigarettes per day. The patient also stated that after work he enjoys drinking a six pack of beer per night to help him relax.…

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