How Is The Population Cared For When They Chronically? Essay

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How is the population cared for when they chronically?
In Colombia, chronic illness is a public health problem affecting increasing significant numbers of people, as well as their families and their communities. Moreover, some people preferred to care their loves one at home so they continue to be bound with their relatives. To really understand how costs are disproportionately skew to chronic patients, the timing, methods and techniques for managing these patient populations are more important than ever. The fact is, the rising costs can be better managed if care-management resources are employed to ensure that at-risk patients are identified and interventions are made at the right time. Unfortunately, many payers and providers are making decisions based on preconceived hypotheses and incorrect assumptions.
While payers and providers have tried to adopted disease-management and wellness management programs, they engaged individuals who have already ill. Unfortunately, that may be too late to have a meaningful impact. A study published in the February 2009 issue of the “Journal of the American Medical Association found that of the 15 care-coordination programs it studied, none achieved statistically significant improvements in health outcomes, costs or utilization of health services” ( Denmark, S., 2011). Basically, early initiatives in promoting disease management focused on patients with chronic conditions. However, the new-breed analytics can amplify the…

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