How Organizations And Teams Use Process Improvement Essay

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Organizations and teams use process improvement as a way to stay fit (Power, 2010). The goal of team processes is to create improvements, but the most effective methods show a direct correlation between a large number of variables and accountability. The improvement and assessment of processes is a continuous one. Numerous elements are useful when attempting to monitor and improve project quality. Five elements, in particular, are useful when monitoring and improving the quality of a project. This summary depicts how each of the five elements proved to be helpful with Team B’s individual projects.
Spath notes, “Brainstorming is a technique used to generate many ideas, quickly, on a wide variety of problems or topics” (2013, p. 133). A key goal of brainstorming is to generate creative ideas and to motivate the team (2013). This week, Team B conducted a brainstorming session with the purpose of the assignment. The team also generated ideas as to the different threads to keep everyone clear on the discussion taking place and who participates in each. The team decides to create a thread for each topic to monitor and improve processes. Unstructured brainstorming allows each team member to post whatever comes to mind (2013). The list of process improvement ideas can build off each other’s ideas. Not every team member participated making the list not as extensive as it could be.

Research Team B presented several topics relating websites as resources that…

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