How Popular Culture Influences Ideas About Beauty Among Women And Young Girls

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Beauty, Media and Culture
How popular culture influences ideas about beauty among women and young girls.
Here in America, the conventional definition of beauty is what is perceptible in any form of our popular culture. This includes television, movies, music videos, billboards, fashion blogs, social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), as well as anything ran in print and in mainstream media. The women who are used in this media are very diverse from the average woman. Consequently, women are reduced by advertisers to pretty bodied elements that are exploited to vend their products; this practice often enables the glorification of this perverse replica of beauty. The business strategy that is often used in these forms of media is that, women’s bodies are often used as a tool for advertising products that are entirely not related to the items in play, for instance, fancy cars, liquor, as well as guns (Kitch 56). As much as utilizing women’s bodies as a tool for selling products is detrimental to women, technological breakthroughs are granting easier access to these types of media and advertisements to younger and younger girls every day.
Technological innovations have invaded the media industry by storm with imagery of people they consider ‘beautiful’. This is a dynamic shift in the cultural paradigm that has played a fundamental role in narrowing down the criterion that is used as a template for evaluating beauty and appearance (Kitch 89). Few people can compare favorably…

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