How Psychology Affects Our Lives Essay examples

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Psychology covers many interesting areas of study. And psychology is present in our daily lives in so many different ways and because of that it changes many lives. There are two topics that we learned about that I thought were really interesting, to me personally. One topic was the chapter on Sleep – module 9. And the second topic I want to talk about is Improving Memory, which is in module 26: Forgetting, Memory Constructions, and Improving Memory.
I know that for many college students like myself sleep is often an issue. The schedule is very inconsistent because of all the assignments, late night group projects, exams, homework and for a lot of people procrastination. All those responsibilities don’t ‘allow’ us to sleep like we used to when we were little. I remember that when I was a little child I never wanted to take a nap, nowadays I’m still not someone who takes many naps, not like some other people I know. But sometimes it just feels like the right thing, to catch up on some sleep. I was also interested in the sleep chapter because I had some trouble sleeping. No matter what time I would go to bed I would not be able to fall asleep quickly.
In this chapter, I learned that every individual has a circadian rhythm most commonly called a biological clock. Our bodies know the difference between night and day because of the biological clock. It knows when we are ready to go to sleep and how much sleep we need. This is also the part of our body that has issues to adjust to…

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