Essay on How Stable Relationships Promote Success

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Research Question set forth will attempt to demonstrate how stable relationships promote successful reentry.

Research question: How does familial interaction influence reentry efforts?

After incarceration, family dynamics and reintegration efforts are fundamental to fathers reestablishing their roles and successfully reintegrating into their communities. H4P intends to explore family interactions between incarcerated fathers, their children, and spouses/partners, while incarcerated and after they are released. This extensive question attempts to highlight challenging issues as fathers transition from prison to their communities – particularly to their families. H4P programs will concentrate on issues such as co-parenting, responsible parenting, interpersonal relationships, child support, and economic stability, all factors necessary for establishing permanency within families. The target objectives are incarcerated fathers and their families, with the family being an integral part of their successful reentry both before and after their release.
An overall framework regarding issues faced by fathers will be highlighted and set forth, while best practices to address these issues will be formulated. Currently, the emphasis of re-entry initiatives is on employment opportunities to reduce recidivism. However, the family often play vital role in providing support to individuals while in prison, and after release. With this research, understanding probable explanations and…

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