How The Computer Has Managed For Screw Up Educational Practices

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It is interesting to reflect and examine just how much the computer has managed to screw up educational practices. Ah the good old days…stand in front of a bunch of students, go over yesterday’s readings for clarification, and then tell them they need to read pages so and so, then send them off. This worked for hundreds of years and now it does not work. Oh well, the genie has been let out of the bottle.
After perusing the assigned documents, it is my opinion, in order of importance the three follow practices or technology will be of most promise in the next two decades.
1) Assessing student learning: I am not sure where to begin. Ah! I’ll begin here, assessments are the crux of the educational enigma of what technologies to implement. How do we know if personalize education is superior to the method mentioned above, how do we know if serious games are producing better results, as well? How can we say that constructivist method in teaching the quadratic equation to high school students is superior to the behaviorist model? There is other consideration to be sure, but assessments are a component in comparing technologies, theories, and elements that relevant to the success of student outcomes. The assessment that I am talking about in this case, is related to data mining. Let’s take this huge body of formative and summative assessment data that we currently have and compared this assessment data to these new tools and/or techniques. Perhaps these new technologies offer…

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