How The Current Condition And The Future State That The Transformation Journey

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1. Briefly describe the project – describe the current condition and the future state that the transformation journey was resolving.

An initiative from Compaq corporate office to implement “Direct Sales Model” within Compaq organization in Europe.
- The current stated was semi-manual sales process through channels only (third parties).
- The future state involved the facilitation of online order processing i.e. configuration assemblies & purchase order processing for individual customers as well as channel sales support.
- It was also a mandatory requirement that the new state facilitated warranty relate processes for “1 day pickup and return” policy. Corporate PMO office in the US was the assigned coordinator in centrally managing these efforts. A PMO office at the European level was responsible for managing the inter-dependencies between smaller countries using the same information system(s), and distribution centers for order processing and shipment handlings.
- An adoptive blueprint provided by corporate head office contained the communication, logistics, project management and business processes components to direct the efforts at European level. 2. Describe your specific role in the project

- I was the assigned project manager responsible for initiating and managing the related projects to achieve the said objectives for the Netherlands operation. Under supervision of corporate PMO and PMO office European division in Germany, I created and executed project…

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