How The Music Industry Handled The Merging Of Music With Technology?

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How has the music industry handled the merging of music with technology? Prior to the mass utilization of the internet, people would have to purchase their music in the stores. Regardless of the sales, the musicians made substantially more in profit than they do today. Musicians are losing money on a daily basis due to music piracy. Artist have been forced to turn to the courts for retribution. While several other artists have sought solace in confronting the websites that continually provide their music for free or veritably close to free. Peer to peer is abbreviated P2P. The words peer to peer means computer networks of computers can act as servers to share files and miscellaneous things without a central server. Peer-to-peer file sharing has devalued the music industry and has taken a derogatory toll on the musician’s pocket book.
Today multiple websites sponsor music piracy. Because of this, innumerable amounts of music file sharing websites, mandate a subscription from the user. Many websites offer different types of memberships. For example, Spotify has three different types of membership; free, paid subscriptions and a premium membership package. Spotify does reimburse the artist or owner for authorizing the downloading of their songs. The website Spotify is a driving force in online music sharing and is readily available for music downloading throughout the web. As far as Spotify 's royalties are concerned, Spotify professes that they only retain 30 percent and…

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