Human Development : A Study Of A Person 's Developmental Changes

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Human development is the study of a person’s developmental changes physically and mentally. This means from the moment a human is conceived until the time of death. The study of human development provides a way for scientists to better understand the way we develop as human beings, how humans adapt to their environment and more importantly our place in society. The knowledge of how people grow and change throughout life is essential. The study of human development can also provide personal insight. This subject is also important in other areas like biology, anthropology, sociology, education, history, and psychology. In these other areas, it can be seen the practical ways of studying human development. The understanding of how and why people change and grow can help us in our quest to live up to our full potential.
Scientists divide human development in several stages for study purposes. The prenatal stage is the first one from time of conception to birth. During the prenatal stage we see how humans grow from a small cell into a full grown fetus, which comes to term in 40 weeks. Infancy, which includes the toddler face; it takes place from birth to three years of age. Most of motor skills developed during this stage along with the senses, self-awareness and personality. This is a stage of rapid physical growth. Pre-school period also known as Early Childhood goes from age three to six. In this stage nutrition plays a very important role as many children tend to…

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