Human Learning Process During Human Society Essay

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Have you ever asked yourself how do we know things like cooking, playing sports, playing music instruments, or any other skills? How do we learn those skills and remember them? And how do our brain working in order to decide what we want to learn, organize information, learn, achieve, memorize and share what learned?
There are many researches have done about natural human learning process during human society. One of the significant researches about human learning process from Dr. Rita Smilkstein stated that there are six stages appeared in natural human learning process.

The first stage of the natural human learning process is “Motivation”. Before we learn something our brain will pick up one or more than one specific skill or concept that get your attention. For example, if you are born in a farm where people doing a lot of farm-works everyday, you will tend to learn some of those skills. Or in a family where most of the members love football, their children tend to love and playing football too. Our brain affected in choosing subjects to learn from the stimulus of the environment.

The second stage of the natural human learning process is “Beginning practices”. After our brains choose a particular skill or concept, it will begin to learn by practicing. At the beginning of practice skills or concepts we may make some or many mistakes, but it is very natural because after making mistakes our brain will figure out the better way to avoid the same mistakes or even the…

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