Essay about Human Life, Evolution And Survival

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There are several different anthropic coincidences that explains the overall reason for the belief of the Anthropic principle and how the universe is precisely designed for the purpose of human life, evolution and survival. One of the many different anthropic coincidences is “The Strength of the Strong Nuclear Force”. This theory says that if the strong nuclear force had fluctuated even microscopically stronger or weaker, then the world would have never existed. The strong force holds nuclei together. There are about a hundred naturally occurring chemical elements, each of these elements are jointed together by the strong force to make particles and objects. If any of these connections are distorted in any way, elements as we know them would not exist as they do today. When the universe was created, if any aspects of God’s creation had been altered even the slightest, either way the universe and world that we know today would not exist.
There is no doubt in my mind that this is completely true. The universe and this planet is an amazing creation and could have only occurred and evolved through the grand design of God. He is all knowing and knew exactly what was needed to support human life and evolution from the very beginning of time. The Anthropic principle and anthropic coincidences clearly prove that humans where deliberately built into the design of the universe from the very beginning, by an all-powerful higher being, I believe is God. What is the ' 'conventional…

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