Human Nature And Its Positive Psychology Essay

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Psychology derives from philosophy and thus relies on the combination of rationalism and empiricism (Hergenhahn, 2009). Although it needs to be data driven to ensure that results are reliable, explore other states of the psychological field is equally useful. Taking this into consideration, some methods include both concepts and are most promising for the future of psychology. Areas such as positive psychology have used this approach. Studies are empirically validated while researchers explore distinctive characteristics of human nature, such as gratitude. An array of research on individual characteristics aimed at making individuals reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy is necessary. Our field should focus on self-actualization, reaching a flow state, and minimizing falling into the hedonic treadmill. We should look into a more internal locus of control and strengthen our weaknesses in a positive method.
Treatment approaches and prevention
In regards to treatment, I believe the deinstitutionalization movement in the 1950s has not worked well for our society. It is now a practitioner’s first choice of treating conditions, such as anxiety and depression disorders (Davies, 2015). Ever since the creation of medications, it has allowed treatment facilities to solely provide medication in hopes of helping the individual’s condition. We should take the Quaker’s model of treatment and make a concerted effort to support the mentally ill. Seeking relief from several symptoms with…

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