Human Rights : A Gender Analysis Essay

1099 Words May 31st, 2016 null Page

It is undeniable that in both developing and developed countries, it is still a struggle to ensure males and female are afforded the same opportunities. The “I am a girl” documentary reveals a clear picture of six different girls growing up as a female in the twenty-first century.
Kimsey is a 17 years old girl in Cambodia and one of many victims of gender inequality and sexual exploitation. When it comes to gender equity in Cambodian society, the rights, and options for women in social, politic, employment and economics are severely constrained. Conservative traditional teaching and beliefs value women less than men and the power imbalance has led to gender discrimination. According to the documentary, as a teenager, Kimsey experience overwhelming family pressure and she lacks the right to education, adequate living standards, social security, equality, privacy, the right to life, and the freedom to move. She also suffers from discrimination and torture.
Although equal rights are stated in the Cambodian constitution, 45% of the female population are illiterate and only 20% actually graduate from University (Cambodian Marriage-Family Life-Gender Roles 2016). After Kimsey’s father passed away, there is only Kimsey, her mother, and sister in the family. Her family’s financial situation leads her to drop out of school in 4th grade despite her dream to become a wedding dress designer. She lost her right to an education at a…

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