Human Rights And Public Health Interests Essay

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There are many cases that involves human rights and public health interests. Two of the cases is Jew Ho vs. Williamson and Jacobson vs. Massachusetts. Both are similar in the concept of preventive care and how two individuals responded to that preventive care. In Jew Ho vs. Williamson, Jew Ho’s shop was placed in a quarantine district due to the fear of the bubonic plague. In Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, Jacobson refused to be vaccinated and argued that he should not be charged the penalty fine. Both cases are different, but they focus on how the concerns of the public’s health are displayed and enforced. Also, they both questioned the human rights of the individuals. The end results were different for both cases. The case won in favor of Jew Ho due to the quarantine being unreasonable and oppressive due to discrimination of the Chinese community. The state of Massachusetts won the case and ordered Jacobson to pay the fine due to the lack of evidence.
Looking more into Jew Ho vs Williamson, discrimination played a large role in the quarantine boundaries that were set up to try to contain what they believed was the bubonic plague. Jew Ho was a shop owner who was within the quarantine district. He fought against the quarantine because it was only placed upon the Chinese population. It was the whole idea that the Chinese carry the bubonic plague. However, there was no sign of the plague in any of the deaths that lead to the quarantine. This questions whether the quarantine was…

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