Human Rights Monitor : An Innovative Research Based Consultancy And Advocacy Organization

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Human Rights Monitor
Human Rights Monitor is an innovative research-based consultancy and advocacy organization. Our focus is on human rights violations and to generate a peaceful discourse in society. Protection and promotion of human rights are among the noteworthy policy objectives of Human rights Monitor. Human rights monitor is a non-profit organization with a countrywide outreach. It aims at using media as an ally for change. Since its inception in 2010, it has worked on governance, rule of law, media communication skills, youth development, strengthening civil society and democratic development.
Human Rights Monitor has a demonstrated track record of working with policymakers and civil society organizations engaged in advocacy work with particular focus on training of media professionals. Hence, it has strong links on both sides, and has the experience of implementing initiatives aimed at strengthening and institutionalizing interaction between the civil society and parliamentary committees.
Human Rights Monitor envisages initiating an eighteen months national project on involving print media on the issue of torture. The project aims to identify the prevailing awareness level within the print media, related to the subject of torture, with reference to Criminal justice System while engaging them as an ally towards its eradication. It will also observe the legal and political understanding of the subject, in the journalist community. The project will further…

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