Human Rights Tribunal : Tribunal Essay

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LAWS 228
Section 002

Kuangli Zou
The tribunal I visited is Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which is located at 655 Bay Street, 14th Floor. It is one of the seven tribunals, which form the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO, 2015); and the other six tribunals are Child and Family Services Review Board, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Landlord and Tenant Board, etc.

The case I heard is about sexual discrimination, and like what it says on the website, once people experienced any discrimination or harassment, people can file an application with the HRTO under the Human Rights Code (HRTO, 2015). The same as any other adjudicative tribunals, parties in the HRTO will be suggested to settle the dispute through mediation; if the mediation does not work out, then HRTO will hold hearing (HRTO, 2015). In addition, the adjudicators are called vice-chair or members, who are knowledgeable and professional in human rights law and issues (HRTO, 2015).

The enabling act should be the Human Rights Code, and “it protects people in Ontario from discrimination and harassment in five areas: Employment, Accommodation, Goods, services and facilities, Contracts, Membership in trade and vocational associations” (SJTO, 2015).
The Code also prohibits discrimination and harassment on any grounds, such as race, color, sex that including sexual harassment and pregnancy, and so on (SJTO). The Statutory…

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