Hypocrisy Of The United States Government On Human Rights Essay

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Hypocrisy of the United States Government on Human Rights
The language that is used by government officials is critical when it comes to analyzing the governments policies. In “Introducing Human Rights and Literary Forms”, the authors Sophia A. McClennen and Joseph R. Slaughter demonstrates how spokespeople of governments can easily manipulate the language of human rights in order to justify violations of human rights such as attacks on Afghanistan after the 9/11. In Beth A. Simmons’s article “The Future of the Human Rights Movement”, she argues that fighting global terrorism by using military forces is sometimes used as a convenient excuse by governments to vindicate actions against the laws of human rights. Lastly, Hope Lewis and Isabelle R. Gunning believe that the policies and stances in the U.S. should be changed in order to advance human rights; this was shown in their article of “Cleaning Our Own House: “Exotic” and Familiar Human Rights Violations”. By comparing viewpoints and stakes of these three article, I will discuss how these articles show the hypocrisy of the U.S. government on how they manipulate the use of human rights in order to justify their actions and often do not abide by international law.
In McClennen and Slaughter’s article, it examines the U.S. government manipulating the language of human rights in order to justify the actions against international laws. Since 9/11 in the United States, Domna Stanton argues, that “human rights have often been…

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