I Am A Vegan? Essay

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When I was growing up I was not surrounded by my parents much because they were in the Air Force. Due to that, I usually stayed with my grandmother or my aunt. After a while I started to realize that when I was with my grandmother she ate a lot of meat and my aunt did not. I was confused at first because I had never seen anyone who did not eat meat. Occasionally, the whole family would go out for breakfast after church. All of my family members ordered eggs, pancakes and some type of meat, except my aunt. In my mind, I thought she was starving herself. About a week after that breakfast I went to talk to her. I asked her questions such as why was she not eating or was she trying to lose weight, assuming it was for an unhealthy reason. Without hesitating she said “I’m a vegan”. I then went on to ask if a vegan was the same thing as a vegetarian. She explained to me that she was more of a “strict vegetarian.” This led me to more wonderings about being vegan and if it was truly a healthy lifestyle. According to Elisabeth Mendes, a vegan is a person who does not eat “meat or any foods that contain animal products or were produced by animals, including butter, honey, eggs, and milk” (Mendes 142). In the United States consuming meat and dairy products are introduced to children as the norm. A person never truly understands the concept of being a vegan until they are old enough to make their own decisions. Some people’s parents are not vegans so they never really got to experience…

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