Essay on I Am An Effective Listener

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I feel that I am an effective listener whenever my friends need to talk about their problems. I believe I possess effective listening during these situations due to my relationship with the person. We are close enough to discuss personal information; however, I feel that there is a healthy distance that restrains me from saying something that may sound rude or sarcastic. I think I am not an effective listener with family or my significant other since it is easier to interrupt or say hurtful comments due to how comfortable we are in the relationship. Additionally, I try to listen to the best of my ability, especially since I care about the person and their mental and emotional health. Furthermore, as a friend, I desire to see them happy; therefore, I will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Additionally, I feel comfortable asking questions since the topic is not about me; therefore, I do not feel any pressure or awkwardness during the conversation. During these moments, I would make eye contact with the person to show that I am engaged in what they are saying. To show that I am understanding what they are saying, I would nod or show some sort of affirmation, such as by saying “ok…” Furthermore, whenever my friend pauses or finishes their sentence, I would ask questions about anything that was confusing about their story. I would also ask them questions that would reflect on the situation, such as “how did she say it?” Or “why would she say something like…

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