I Am From The Republic Of Benin Essay example

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Imagine you are an international student studying in France and your French is limited to the classroom conservations. I am sure you will be frightened and anxious. Fortunately, you have a friend studying in France that is bilingual. He or she helps you navigate the system. You are now happy and ready to tackle your education. Well this is similar to the story of my best friend and I. I am from the Republic of Benin in West Africa and the official language is French. I completed my elementary, middle, and high school in an English school called Nigerian International School (NIS). This enabled me to become bilingual at a very young age. When my family moved to the United States, this skill came in handy as I was able to assist my family in navigating the system and later did the same for my best friend. Upon completing her freshman year, my best friend said to me, "I wish I had attended NIS with you".
When I was brainstorming for this essay, I remembered my friend’s statement. She made me realize that the establishment of English schools in my country is the most impactful historical event to me. If these English schools were not around, then my bilingual skills would be non-existent and I would not have gone thus far in my academic pursuit. The establishment of these schools is tied to the migration history of Nigerians to my country.
Back in July 1967, Nigeria had its civil war which is popularly called the Biafra war as the Eastern Region wanted to secede from Nigeria…

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