Essay on I Am Ready For English

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The journey through this developmental English course has been tough. From the first time stepping into the class, made me feel like my journey was going to be tougher than ever before to make it out of English 0096. Hopefully, my journey deems to be successful in my push to the next step into my college success. There were many trials to make it to this point, but with all of my improvements, I’m ready for English 1101. One of the first two assignments was a reading that the professor had given to us. The title of this was “Writing Powerful Descriptions.” This article explained to us that we should appeal to the senses, be specific, limit our modifiers, and use figurative language when writing our essays to improve them. The other article we were given was Lamott, “Shitty First Drafts.” Lamott wrote about how first drafts will be “shitty” from times to times, but it will be the best way to improve on your writing process just the same. Taking some of the advice that is given from these articles has made me a better writer in the end I feel. Everyone makes mistakes and not everyone can be perfect when writing a paper. But there is always room to improve on. Before we began to write some essays, our professor gave us various activities before writing each assigned essay. This short responses were a minimum usually of 250 words each. These really helped get my mind going when it came down to writing because it was a challenge. Every small writing assignment was different…

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