I Had Become A Learning English Essay

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My parents have told me that I had become interested in learning English when I was but a three-year-old child. At the time, we were living in an ARAMCO housing compound, for my father, a businessman and a construction contractor was supervising several projects for ARAMCO in the Eastern Province. It was because we lived in this close knitted community, which hosted numerous families from the US, UK, Canada and Australia who work for the very same company, that I had been keen to learn English. Understandably, as a young child I was eager to play with children my age in the local park; however, because many of those children were children of expat families who only spoke English, my efforts to communicate with them were in vain. My parents had witnessed my frustration and thus became worried about the social exclusion I may bear if this issue was not addressed, and so they provided me with a tutor to teach me the basics of English. The result of this social and educational experience produced a twofold benefit, as not only did I develop the competency to communicate with English speaking children at the compound, but also such a competency provided me with a clear advantage during my English classes through-out my formal education, which was reflected through the high grades I would receive during such classes.
Thus, motivated to capitalize on such an advantage, as an undergraduate I had majored in English Language and Translation; however, while I enjoyed learning various…

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