Essay about I Have A Great Passion For Adventure

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I feel that I have a great passion for adventure, I enjoy seeking new and exciting things to encounter each day. Throughout the years I faced many challenges and obstacles along with family setbacks throughout my life. But despite it all, I want to be successful! I want to be a person that graduate from college, and begins a career that I’m passionate about and make a completive salary. I have several friends that have been able to achieve this goal and they continue to help keep me encouraged and focused on my dreams. I believe a degree in Business Management will open the doors for a multitude of options that I can be in passionate about. After I graduated high school I took a year off to travel across the US and the Eastern Caribbean. I then enrolled at a nearby community college and began taking classes in business and fashion merchandising. In addition I took the time to explore different fields of work and possible careers fields. I have been blessed to have been given many wonderful opportunity with employment, learning and developing leadership skills, financial skills, and customer service. I began to notice I was a natural born leader, I began to notice I was a natural born leader, I was quickly being promoted at work and receiving great feedback from my college instructors. I took pride in demonstrating leadership in everything I did, and I knew receiving a quality education would be the key for success in anything. I was so proud of how well I was exceeding in my…

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