Essay I Struggle With Social Anxiety

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I struggle with social anxiety. Sometimes it is only a minor hindrance as I go about my day, while other times I am mentally crippled by my fear of judgment by those who are around me. This fear is a driving force in my life and it makes me hesitant to walk into new situations and to meet new people. This on its own is hard enough, but when I do overcome the fear and step out into new situations with new people I am greeted by a new struggle: communication. I try to communicate and there is a dissonance between the words in my head and the sounds that come out of my mouth. In order to thrive in an era where successful communication is a central emphasis, I know that I must fix this problem and learn to verbalize my thoughts as clearly as they are reverberate in my head. My goal is simple: I want to overcome this fear that I have and learn to communicate in an effective manner regardless of the newness of the situation. On an ordinary Thursday about a year ago this communication deficit was exemplified. My Dad ordered pizza from our favorite pizza place and as long as I was the one to go pick it up he said he would pay for it. As a debt riddled college kid I excitedly accepted his offer. When I got to the pizza place I went to the front desk where I go to tell the employee that “I am here to pick up an order for “Matt Risser”. Well, that was how it went in my head. In reality though all I said was “I have an order for Ma-ma-maarrt”. I somehow managed to mispronounce my own…

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