I Was The Smartest Student Essay

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I was not always the smartest student in school, and I don’t think I wanted to be either. I started off as a youngster in elementary school wanting to learn everything I could about all the subjects I was being taught by my teachers. I think I did pretty well because I was never held back in any of my classes. Once I completed my five years at the elementary school that was less than a block from my house I had to go in a different direction than what I was used to. I now had to ride a school bus and travel about five miles away to a middle school that seemed so big and scary. This new school taught only sixth and seventh grade students, and was much bigger than what I was used to at my little elementary school. I soon overcame my fears and dealt with everything that came along with being in a new school, including the fights in the hallways, the ridicule from other students if you didn’t have the coolest clothes, and the pressure of passing all my classes. Over time I became acclimated to this new environment and had fun and met a lot of new friends.
After passing seventh grade, I had to transfer to the local junior high school, which was even farther away than the middle school. I still had to ride a school bus, but now I had to get up even earlier due to the distance of the school to my home. Riding the school bus with all new students to a different school was an adventure in itself. Since I was a small kid until my junior year in high school I was always subject to…

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