Iago As A Villain Or Bad Guy Essay

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One of William Shakespeare’s main characters in the play, Othello, is Iago. Iago is in every act and he is a villain or “bad guy” in the play. Iago is Othello’s ancient and a friend of Roderigo and Cassio. He is married to Emilia and he doesn’t treat her with any respect. He actually doesn’t have the best interests of people at all. He acts like he cares for the other characters but in reality Iago in envies of them. Iago is jealous, dishonest, manipulative villain and his an abnormal behaviors because he doesn’t want to see anyone to be happy.
Shakespeare shows us at the beginning of the play that Iago is jealous. “Iago display his fiendishness from the start as a combination of equivocation and lies make his schemes of falsified connection possible” (R.M Christofides). The play starts with Iago and Roderigo talking on the street of Venice about how much Iago hates Cassio. Iago is jealous of Cassio because Othello didn’t pick him as lieutenant. Iago says, “In personal suit to make me his lieutenant” (1.1.10). “He envies the choice of Cassio, but he is also still jealous” (Saundra Sagan). “Cassio has a daily beauty in his life which make Iago ugly” ( A.C.Bradley)
Shakespeare also shows how dishonest Iago is by all the lies he tell his friends. In Act II, Iago saw Cassio and Desdemona talking and began plotting. He tells Roderigo that Cassio loves Desdemona and that she loves him too. Iago tells Roderigo to “displant” Cassio to make it a step easier for him to be with…

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