Identity Is An Image A Person Essay

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Identity Intersection Erikson (1968) stated that identity is an image a person takes on in spite of changes in personality or surrounding conditions. In McEwen (2003) research, identity was described as both a grouping of qualities pulled together to form one’s self as well as classifications of identities such as professional and leadership. Watt (2006) stated that each component of a person’s identity is interconnected and consequently cannot be in isolation. Therefore, how a person identifies and choose to live out their identity is primarily based on how they are perceived by others and how their identity has been developed. Being a women and person of color in a male dominating society can be presumed difficult based on the implied notion that such identifying characteristics are one of devalue, inferior to the majority group, and their experiences are minimum or insufficient (Watt, 2006). Throughout history researcher such as Cass (1979), Cross (1971, 1991), Jackson (2001), Torres (2009), and Wijeyesinghe and Jackson (2012) have added to the literature on different parts of one’s identity and its development. Although many theories focused one identity, some have similar developmental stages allowing for concurrent development for those with intersecting identities such as an African American woman. For example, Cross (1991) Black identity development (BID) model has five stages: pre-counter, encounter, immersion/emersion, internalization, and internalization…

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