Identity Theft : The Form Of Dumpster Diving Essay

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Throughout history many criminals and their criminal enterprises have sought ways to commit low risk and high profit crimes worldwide. As technology has advanced throughout the years, it has made things possible. Time has brought on many options for these types of criminals today. One of the biggest low risk crimes committed has been identity theft. Identity theft is the using of someone’s identity without their consent to acquire money goods, services, and to commit other crimes using their personal information. Identity theft can affect victims both financially and criminally. This type of crime can create many issues for law enforcement personnel due to jurisdictional control. Criminals can steal identities anywhere in the world at any time from one location. Identity theft has been recognized as a serious issues worldwide so governments has developed agencies to provide prevention measures to combat and limit these crimes. (Bocij, 2006)
One of the easiest ways to obtain information for identity theft is in the form of dumpster diving. Dumpster diving is the result of people throwing away documents with all the personal info required to steal an identity. The stealing of mail can also contribute to one’s identity being stolen. The best way to combat stealing of mail is to obtain a mail box that requires a key for entry. Online documents can also be used to obtain stolen identities. There are criminals that will steal and sell documents with personal info for the right…

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