Immigrants Of The United States Essay

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The present statistical reports indicate that the influx of immigrants to the United States of America has risen above sixty millions of people from various countries. The majority of the immigrants entering United States are from less developed countries that are in search of green pastures as well as fleeing their countries as a result of the various crises affecting their respective countries of origins. All along United States has celebrated its unique heritage as well being uniquely identified as the nation made up of immigrants. However, immigrant statistical reports have shown that the population of the immigrants, which is growing at a fast rate, is now over a fifth of the entire population of the United States of America. That fifth of the population is composed of the immigrants as well as the immigrants ' children (Hirschman, 1). The influx of the immigrants in the United States has obviously increased its population leading to an overflow of immigration in the United States. The increased influx of the immigrants has had differing impacts on the social, economic and political systems of United States. However, with a clear scrutiny on the benefits and harms of the immigrant flow in the United States, the negative impacts of immigrant flow outweighs the positive ones. It can, therefore, be contended that the US should decrease the overflow of immigration order to have a continued social, political and economic stability.
Immigration overflow has…

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