Impact Of Internationalization On The Field Of Psychology Essay

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ocuments contrived for specific cultural audiences might not be suitable for different audiences, unless we make appropriate alterations to contextualize the material for the new audience. This process, otherwise known as the internationalization, is a very difficult task because symbolism and meaning vary significantly across cultures. Changing the wording or a symbol can be extremely difficult, as meaning is not always transferrable. This is true in many fields however, I want to focus on the impact of internationalization in the field of psychology, and how history and location can influence its materials. In recent years, psychology has seen an increase in international authors and collaborators, which has initiated a move towards a more universally appealing field.
In “Contributions of Internationalization to Psychology: Toward a Global and Inclusive Discipline,” Van de Vijver (2013) argues that trends of internationalization in the field of psychology are apparent, and these trends have helped develop the field to be more comprehensive and universal. The author explains that internationalization is often misconceived: “Internationalization does not imply homogenization. Rather, global applicability means that cultural elements are factored into psychological theories and procedures so that these theories accommodate both cross-cultural similarities and differences” (p. 762). He continues to explain how internationalization emphasizes the importance of environment when…

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