Implementing My Stakeholder Relations And Achieve The Benefits Of Personal Social Responsibility

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Implementation In order to effectively manage my stakeholder relations and achieve the benefits of personal social responsibility, the plan discussed above must be applicable to a much broader range of situations than this one issue in isolation (Ferrell, 2016). To do this, it is necessary to build a framework that fits a broad range of potential situation as they could apply in all facets of my life. It is often helpful to have a series of questions to ask as a quick test, such as the one used by Texas Instruments (Ferrell, 2016). The questions I could ask myself in a situation regarding the telling of the truth are: What impact does this person have on me, and I on them? Would I feel hurt if one of my friends lied to me about this?; Does anyone other than me benefit from this lie?; Who will be deprived of their right to know the truth if I tell this lie? Will any other harm come to anyone else?; Will I ultimately feel bad or guilty for having lied? (BBC; Ferrell, 2016). Some other areas to consider is how I may implement a proactive strategy in dealing with ethical misconduct, by addressing it immediately, or preventing it entirely (Ferrell, 2016). In my personal life I must be my own ethical leader, and promote the values of honest and integrity among my friends and peer group (Ferrell, 2016). It is my responsibility to ensure that I communicate and act in an honest manner when regarding my friends, and ensure that they do the same towards me (Ferrell, 2016). Anyone…

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