Essay about Implementing Quality Pre K Programs

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Dr. Dale Farran, professor of education and psychology at Vanderbilt University, presented her current research, which deals with creating and defining quality Pre-K programs. She began her presentation by describing the widening achievement gap in the U.S. and how some policymakers view pre-K programs as the solution for this discrepancy in achievement. She wants to find if pre-K does help children become more successful in school and what methods for administering Pre-K foster the best development. Overall, I was most struck by Dr. Farran’s ability to be frank about the current issues with policy and our education system, but mostly by her true passion to improve the lives of children. I thought it was significant how Dr. Farran discussed that in an effort to close this achievement gap, it was assumed that pre-K was the answer with little recent research to support this claim. It was assumed that any pre-K program was better than entering kindergarten unprepared, even though thus may not be supported by evidence. When someone in our class asked Dr. Farran why it was assumed that pre-K was the solution, she stated that “we have raced down this road without considering the direction we are going.” She explained how the data mentioned about pre-K programs by the U.S. Department of Health and Economics only cites articles from the 1960s and 1970s. This data is not representative as the studies cited in this article included 112 economically disadvantaged children…

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