Importance Of City Of God By St. Augustine Essay example

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HUM 200
Winter 2015
The document that I will be scrutinizing and analyzing is called City of God, written by St. Augustine during the periods of 354-430 A.D. Around this time, there were still pagans who were worshiping multiple gods and goddesses, and other sects of Christianity such as Arianism were being practiced. It is important to note that during this period, the Vandals, under the command of their king Alaric, captured the city of Rome. This was a major defeat for the Romans because their empire had now fallen. Before this event, Rome was known as the Eternal City because the Romans believed that the Empire would never fall. This document speaks of those who attributed the ruins of this world, the chaos, and the sack of Rome; to the Christian faith, which St. Augustine wrote against it. In addition, it is important to note that the Romans were claiming that the Christian God had failed to protect Rome, as he should have done, since during that time, Constantine had declared him the one true God. All of this caused anger between the Romans and the Christians. Lastly, St. Augustine speaks about human pride and how he wants to show the people that God does not like the proud, but rather he gives grace to the humble. In addition, St. Augustine is pointing out the problem to why chaos is on the rise during that time and why the sack of Rome happened. While the barbarians blamed the Christian faith, St. Augustine is trying to prove…

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