Important Aspects Of Becoming An Effective Therapist Essay

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Thus far, I have learned many important aspects of becoming an effective therapist. One of the major parts of training involves evaluation and feedback from supervisors or peers. I think evaluations are an important part of training because it provides feedback to areas, which you are doing well in, and areas in which you will need improvement. I believe that without evaluations, we as therapist cannot grow into effective therapist. To date I cannot think of any job or career that does not use “end of the year evaluations”. This shows how important evaluations are for growth in your career. From my experience, I have enjoyed the receiving evaluations from professors and supervisors. It has helped me tremendously improve in my training. In addition my own personal evaluations have been helpful for me to track my growth and work on things that I see that I need improvement in. I will explore past and previous evaluations I received that have been beneficial to my growth in therapy. In addition, I will explore areas where I can use more improvement to become and effective therapist.
Growth Areas After reviewing the scores I received from the faculty on interpersonal skills and personal growth I think I have improved in many of the areas I lacked in previously. Specifically, I received a score of a good performance on empathy, self-awareness, self-understanding, self-reflection, self-identity, non-defensiveness, flexibility, openness to growth, and direct…

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