Improper Use Of Technology By Students Essay

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Case Scenario In the Case of Improper use of technology by students, my first instinct is to gain some clarity of the situation from the student reporting the incident. How did they find out about it, have they seen it themselves, were students viewing the site in class. You can then begin gathering information, deciding a course of direction, and make a plan of action.
You would need to consider all of the stakeholders involved in this case such as the student or students involved in setting up the website and the students and/or teachers possibly named on the website, the victims. The students that may or may not have viewed the site need to be considered, and also the individuals involved viewing it in or outside of school. Also, those students aware of the site, viewing it, and not reporting it need to be considered. The families of all of the students and teachers involved or affected need to be considered. The pastor, school and possibly the diocese, handling of the situation could all be reflected in a positive or negative light and need consideration. You would need to include or consult with the Office of Catholic Schools if it turns out to be a more serious/legal issue. Finally, the student reporting the incident needs to be kept anonymous based on his privately coming forward and on the fact that he himself was not involved.
Issues to Consider: There are legal issues to consider in this case scenario. The school’s accountability if this was…

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