Individual Assignment - Protocol Paper

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Individual Assignment: Protocol Paper

Individual Assignment: Protocol Paper
Describe Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) protocol model. The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is a seven-layer logical network architecture that is used to define the network protocol standards to enable OSI device to communicate to another by exchanging information. (Goleniewski, 2007) The seven layers in the OSI model include the physical layer, data link layer, network layer, transport layer, session layer, presentation layer, and application layer. Each layer has its own functions and responsibilities. The four lower layers of the OSI model contain the physical, data link, network, and transport layers. The physical layer is layer
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The presentation is the 6th layer, which functions in the application layer. The presentation layer informs the application layer of what type of data or graphics format to display. Its main responsibility is to translate platform-specific application formats into generic data formats for transmission or from generic data formats into platform-specific application formats for delivery to the application level. (Cengage Learning, 2011) The 7th layer of the OSI model is the application layer which provides interfaces that enable applications to request and receive network services. It handles error recovery for applications and allows access to network services for programs.
Below is an example of an OSI model and what each layer may consist of. (Mitchell, 2014)
Describe key concepts of circuit switching and packet switching. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of circuit switching and packet switching in term of performance, efficiency, speed and throughput potential, and end-to-end transmission reliability and predictability. Circuit switching and packet switching have traditionally occupied different areas. Circuit switched network were used primarily for phone calls and packet switched network handled data. In modern circuit switches, electronic signals pass through several switches before connection is established. During a call, no other network traffic would

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