Individual Marketing Paper

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Individual Marketing Research Paper

Individual Marketing Research Paper Kudler Fine Foods While developing the Kudler Fine Foods marketing campaign strategy it is critical to identify areas which will need additional marketing research. By identifying areas for needed additional market research, Kudler Fine Foods can better target its marketing strategy and tactics. By analyzing competitive intelligence, Kudler Fine Foods can better assess opportunities within its current marketing strategy. Background Kudler Fine Foods was founded in 1998 when its first store was built by Kathy Kudler. The company maintains its main base in San Diego, California and services the
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The company’s current approach to attaining current goals and enhancing internal productivity has served the company well. To further develop its strategic goals for increased profitability, the company understands that it must identify additional areas for market research and analyze competitive intelligence. Identified Areas for Marketing Research In developing Kudler Fine Foods marketing strategy, the company has identified several weaknesses in operations where additional marketing research would be beneficial. Areas for improvement include implemented technology and distribution channels. By updating current implemented technology, Kudler Fine Foods would be able to establish more competitive pricing and its niche market. Similarly, by making improvements to its distribution channels, Kudler Fine Foods would be able to reduce costs associated with distribution and apply the savings to its pricing strategy. By updating implemented technology, Kudler Fine Foods can fine tune efficiency and develop a competitive advantage. Although technology can be quite expensive in the grocery industry, the company must work on implementing reliable automatic perpetual inventory technology that will enable it to improve operations and reduce future costs. The company uses the trend analysis to determine whether

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