Essay on Industrial Organizational And Social Psychology

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Industrial-Organizational and Social Psychology Report Two different specialty psychological fields are Industrial-Organizational and Social. Seven different questions regarding these fields will be explored. This will give insight as to what types of issues they deal with daily. Expanding on the types of work done in these fields, hot topics, and other information will give ideas of their potential, and possible positives and negatives. The types of work people do in Industrial-Organizational psychology sounds like a workplace and/or creating processes or patterns situation. The types of things they deal with could be called work psychology, industrial could be more geared towards the worker, and organizational towards the work they do and how they do it (Kuther and Morgan, 2012, p. 99-100). Looking at the individual in the workplace could help with safety and job satisfaction. Organizational on the opposite end, or the bigger picture, could deal with these same issues in a broader sense to address the types to find common ground for all. The types of work people do in Social psychology sounds like the way people interact in any social situation. They deal with the way people get along together and why they fight, including aspects of prejudice, aggression, and attraction (Kuther and Morgan, 2012, p. 131). The benefits and drawbacks of a social psychologist become evident in everything one does that involves others. Hate, love, war, and the progression of the human…

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