Information Based On A Researcher 's Questions And Specialty Presents A Challenge By Its Self

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Identify Areas of Research in Your Specialization
Identifying a suitable research topic can take some time, however, identifying research information based on a researcher’s questions and specialty presents a challenge by its self. This paper examined five research topics of interest. Each topic relates to educating people on self-manage care, especially for older adults engaging in sporting or exercising interventions. Furthermore, this paper included a summary and response to five staged questions, potential problems associated with each topic, and possible solutions.
Tai Chi Workout as a Fall Prevention Technique When I was twenty-five or thirty, I wanted a job that paid a decent wage. I was not sure what career to choose, so I just worked to earn income. In 2010, I knew I wanted a career where I could help older American because I will advance in age one day. I wanted to learn about the various problems older adults face daily. I have learned that the number one cause of morbidity and mortality in older adults is accidental falling (Schleicher, Wedam, & Wu, 2012). I chose this topic to study so I can help bring positive changes for older adults. What I presume to know is, as people advance in age their body stiffens, and they lose some mobility in the use of their arms, legs, and body. Tai Chi workout as a potential solution would help older adults increase awareness, self-esteem, prevent accidental falling, and fear of falling (Schleicher et al., 2012). I do not have…

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