Information Paper

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Information Use
Daniell Jackson
CIS 207
August 1, 2012
Timothy Thacker

According to (Anthony Robbins, 2010) “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives”. It is imperative that in any organization there needs to be a detailed and efficient flow of information. Communications is the key for a business to be successful, and it provides the solid foundation needed to construct a solid business process. One other very important part of communications in a company is the flow of that information which ultimately produces the results whether good or bad. This paper will describe how information is used and how it flows at Document Logistic Agency (DLA)
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Here at DLA document services we have a variety of personnel that come together to produce products for the customer. The accountants manage and handle financial issues, machine workers print and produce the orders, information technology personnel maintain the servers, and management oversees the entire business process. Upon reporting for work here at DLA, I have been privileged to several communication issues that have caused issues, but have been addressed and changes put in place. One of the main issues I discovered was that as the network security engineer, there was no communications between the system administrators working on the servers. There was no sharing of information, which consistently resulted in changes to the system by the system administrators, but no upward communications of these changes through the IT department. The program manager was not informed of the lack of maintenance on the servers and the only concerned seem to be that the systems stay up to produce orders. This line of thinking was unfamiliar to me and I felt it would be a recipe for disaster. “Information sharing is critical to an organization’s competitiveness and requires a free flow of information among members if the organization is to remain

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