Instructional Setting And Content Area Context Essay

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Instructional Setting and Content Area Context
The Edgewood ISD (EISD) technology committee has decided that classroom teachers should create an e-portfolio, that demonstrates their competence in the International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Teachers (ISTE-T). In addition to this, the e-portfolio is two-fold; it is an important source of information for parents, students and other interested parties; secondly it is a tool for the teacher to demonstrate their competency in the ISTE-T.
The EISD website is hosted by Schoolwires and their proprietary software is used to update and maintain the website. Documents that are not for the general public may be hosted in Office 365 and hyperlinked or embedded in the teacher website with a password being required to access the information.
Instructional Setting All classroom based training for teachers will take place primarily at Kennedy High School, some training may happen at other district locations. Training will take place either in classrooms or in locations with equipment that reflects what will be available to teachers in their classroom (Promethean board, apple TV, etc.). The training course will be hosted on the district website, so that Since the needs analysis indicated that time is an issue, it will be possible to record training sessions and place them on the website as an additional training resource. The training will also include short instructional videos (or links to Schoolwires…

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